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August 2003

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My development efforts were halted today by a frustrating but interesting few hours spent trying to track down and fix a bug in the UI for the Java framework we're developing.

New Favourite Quote

There are 10 kinds of people in this world—those who can understand binary and those who can't.

Not Having A Blast

The MSBlast virus has been in the news this week as Windows users across the world have been heard cursing Microsoft. So who's to blame?

A Lesson Learnt

In Get Your Back Up I talked about how I safeguard my data and proudly proclaimed that in seven years of home PC computing I've not lost a single byte of data. And that's still true. On the desktop.

Back In Business

I've restored the comments and feedback page functionality to this site by creating a new MySQL database. Frankly, I was tired of waiting for my hosting provider to fix the problem, which has been dragging on for over a fortnight now.

Awesome Ant

The latest edition to my J2EE armoury is Apache Ant, which I've spent the past few days investigating. For those who don't know, Ant—which stands for Another Neat Tool—is a Java automated build tool.


There's been some discussion recently about Mailinator, a web application that provides instant, disposable e-mail addresses. Apart from being struck by what a brilliantly simple and useful idea this is (and wondering why I didn't think of it!), I was also interested to notice that Mailinator is a Jakarta Struts application.

Return To Sender

I've been having a problem with spam lately that is a direct consequence of the technical decisions taken by two very different companies. One of them is an ISP and another is an online chat website.


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