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July 2006

Good Luck To The Happy Couple!

In a break from our scheduled programme, I’d just like to wish my good friend John Conners and his long-suffering girlfriend (John’s words, not mine) and very-soon-to-be wife all the best for their wedding tomorrow.

How I Learned To Love Web Apps

I’ve been thinking about Web applications lately and in a U-turn worthy of an unpopular politician have revised my opinion of them. Regular readers may recall that previously I’ve bemoaned the poor user experience offered by Web apps in comparison to their desktop cousins.

Best Of Breed Web 2.0 App

I dislike using the term “Web 2.0″ because no-one really knows what it means, but nonetheless it has come to represent a certain type of Web application.

Rails Tip #6: Resetting The Session

Rails makes it dead easy to clean up objects in the HTTP session.

Learning Lisp

The title of this post is misleading because I’m not actually learning the programming language Lisp. Not directly, anyway. I have come across some of the more exotic and esoteric aspects of programming during the past year or so, some of which originated in Lisp.


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