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June 2003

Get Your Back Up

I read a theory once that said that data doesn't exist unless it is stored in at least three locations at once. Another theory, Murphy's Law, would say that the first theory would be proved true on the night before an important meeting and whilst finishing a report, when your computer dies and you don't have a backup!

Instant Gratification

To my surprise, I've been programming in Visual Basic 6.0 again recently. I'm still writing Java code in my day job but I had occasion to create a demo VB application.

Broken Windows

I don't know about you but I'm getting fed up with patching Windows XP. I usually visit Windows Update once a week to see what's new, and barely a week seems to go by without there being a new fix or update to download.

How Soon We Forget

I first started programming for the PC in about 1996. I'd seen some screen shots of Visual Basic 4.0 in a computer magazine and thought that it looked pretty good and quite different from the boring programming in BASIC that I'd done at school.

When Is A Nerd Not A Nerd?

When is a nerd not a nerd? It depends on the subject that the person is nerdish about. about, it would seem.

Knowing Where To Look

I've been surprised recently. Everyone knows about Google right? I think it's the best general–purpose search engine out there and use it all the time.


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