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June 2004

Jakarta Struts Demystified Part 1

Just over a year ago I started to learn how to use the Jakarta Struts J2EE web application framework. During this journey it became apparent to me that there were some aspects of Struts that I found confusing at first, and that many other developers were going through the same difficulties. This series of articles is an attempt to address this problem.

The RDD Advantage

Starting a new J2EE project is a daunting undertaking. The technology choices alone are myriad and bewildering. Can you afford to fail by not using RDD?

JDeveloper, Apache And MIME Types

I've just got to the bottom of a fairly obscure problem that occurs when using Mozilla Firefox to access a web application developed using Oracle JDeveloper. The JSPs in my application link to an external stylesheet, but the pages weren't styled when viewed using a Gecko-based browser, such as Firefox. However, they were fine when using Internet Explorer or Opera.


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