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November 2006

Rails Tip #9: Don’t Load What You Don’t Need

If you’ve frozen a version of Rails into the vendor/rails directory then you can configure your application so that it doesn’t load frameworks that you aren’t using.

Joel On Power

Joel Spolsky is bang on the money when he writes about the confusing new Windows Vista Start menu controls for controlling your login session. The Power icon is particularly problematic.

Welcome To The Social

I’ve just been reading a hilarious review over at Engadget of the installation process for the software that comes with Microsoft’s new Zune device. Apart from the fact that the software clearly isn’t finished and has a high stinkage factor, what caught my eye was some of the language used in the screens.

The Best Way

One of the difficulties of learning a new programming language, framework or technology is that of knowing whether you’re doing things in the best way. Tutorials and books can only take you so far, then after that you’re flying solo staring at a terrifying blank screen in your editor or IDE.


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