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June 2006

Rails Tip #5: Clean Up Using Rake

Rails comes with a number of Rake tasks for cleaning up various temporary files that get generated when you run your application.

Still Learning

I learned something new about Windows today. “So what?” you may ask, but I thought it was slightly interesting because if I had to categorise what sort of Windows user I was then I’d probably plump for the expert category. And that means that learning something I didn’t know about using Windows is noteworthy for me.

Rails Tip #4: Listing Model Column Names

You can use the built-in Rails console script to ask any model class for its column names.

Going On The Rails

Regular readers of my blog may be aware that I started out programming using Borland Delphi. Actually, that’s not really true—I started out programming on the PC using Delphi.

Rails Tip #3: Read The README

I just noticed this one myself. Whenever you create a new Rails application, it generates a README file in the application directory.

La Dolce Vita

The first hot day of the summer, a garden, an Apple laptop and Ruby on Rails.

Rails Tip #2: Generator Help

There’s built-in help available for the Rails (code) generators.


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