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Rails Tip #8: Learn From Existing Code

Not really a Rails-specific tip this one, but worth mentioning because high quality open-source Ruby on Rails projects are starting to appear that you can learn from by studying their code.

  • Geoffrey Grosenbach’s Gullery is a photo gallery application built using Rails.
  • Rails Day 2006 was a 24 hour Rails development contest that was held back in June. Unfortunately the judging’s turned into a bit of a fiasco (no winners have been named yet), but you can grab the code from each team that entered straight out of the Subversion repository.
  • My current favourite is Beast, which is a brand new Rails’ project where the aim was to create a fully-functional discussion forum in about 500 lines of code.

One of the things that I love about Rails is the fact that every application has the same folder structure, so if you do decide to look at someone else’s code then you can immediately find your way around, which saves time.


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