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I’ve decided to take a break from updating this site. There’s a lot going on in my real life right now and I need to recharge my batteries. I also want to explore some non-blogging activities. This site takes quite a lot of effort to keep going and I don’t have the time or inclination right now. I don’t know when I’ll post here again. Who knows, maybe I never will! Whatever happens, thanks for reading and for all the feedback. I hope you’ve got something out of it—I know I have.


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  • avatar Michael Sica
    28 June 2005 at 22:47

    You mean you're not going to blog about your sabbatical? ;) Have fun man.

  • avatar Julian M Bucknall
    29 June 2005 at 00:58

    John By all means have a sabattical. Then again there is no rule that you must blog every day, or every week. Blog again when you need to or feel like it, I'll certainly be reading it: I enjoy your posts. Cheers, Julian

  • avatar Hans-Erik
    29 June 2005 at 09:24

    Enjoy your sabattical John! I have enjoyed your posts a lot. Take care mate.

  • avatar Vinodh R
    29 June 2005 at 14:03

    Have fun and good luck.

  • avatar jedidjab79
    26 August 2005 at 08:42

    Hope you have a good break :) I definitely enjoyed reading over the past two years since finding the link off JoS - if you do ever start back, maybe you could send out an email to people who have commented so we can return!

I don’t know when I’ll resume posting here.


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